Blockchain Bridges Mega Spreadsheet

Adrien Be.
2 min readNov 27, 2021

That’s it, we’re finally gone multichain & there are already tons of bridges out there! The long awaited crypto universe made of a constellation of blockchain is well on the way. However, it still feels very early and it’s a pain in the ass to figure out which bridge to use, even which ones exist! Let’s solve that with a good old spreadsheet 💪 can’t go wrong with low tech.

In a rush? ☝️ Here is the spreadsheet.

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What Criteria Should I Use To Pick A Bridge?

Well, simply put: use similar criteria you use when picking a DEX, AMM, or any other DeFi project.

This is what I usually look for:

  • Team: Anon or Public? If public, strong or not?
  • Volume: Strong Volume? If not, forget it.
  • Community: Smart people in the community channels? Strong backers? Endorsement by highly regarded crypto figures?
  • Execution Style: Check out the App, their Socials, etc. Is it professionally executed or seems like a bunch of amateurs at the command?

Need A Basic Intro To Blockchain Bridges?

Check out my ELI5 article 👉

Future Updates

I will update the Mega Spreadsheet as much as possible. Feel free to send suggestions.


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