Clone X NFT Drop by RFKT: Everything You Need To Know

Adrien Be.
4 min readNov 27, 2021


RTFKT (pronounced “artifact”), aka “the Best fashion NFT project” as of now Nov 27th 2021 is doing an NFT Drop this weekend. Here is what you need to know.

👉 Wanna buy? Sale is over, head to CloneX Collection on OpenSea.
Wanna know about the crazy CloneX Drop story? Read my article: ”CloneX Sales Recap & Timeline”

CloneX Drop Summary

CloneX Official Channels

PFP Collection Summary

  • 3D anime avatars (PFPs)
  • 20'000 items
  • 8 DNA types — the rarest DNA/type has just 15–50 avatars — Human, Alien, Reptile, Robot, Undead, Angel, Demon, Murakami.
  • 300+ 3D traits
  • 5% royalties

Sales Calendar & Mechanics

  1. Weeks before Nov 27: Mintdiscs airdrop for those eligible (c.f. ‘Pre Sale Details’ section).
  2. Nov 27–29: Pre-Sale event: minting of the CloneX Mintvials; 11'133 items.
  3. Nov 29, 11pm CET: Public Sale event: minting of the CloneX Mintvials; 8'367 items — Dutch Auction.
  4. Date TBA: Reveal! “later this week”

Pre Sale and Public Sale details in the article’s next sections.


  1. Collaboration with the legendary Takashi Murakami, making a lot of noise with his 2.4M followers on insta, 215K followers on twitter Read more on
  2. Owner gets the “RTFKT benefits” by becoming part of the family
  3. Metaverse ready (3D)
  4. Upcoming Wearable Drops
  5. Get/”forge” unique IRL merch/collectibles created from clone (jackets, caps, …)
  6. Special Access for online and IRL events
  7. And much more

Also seen some hype around an upcoming Coinbase listing —

RTFKT: The Parent Project

“It’s all about the people” so they say, even more so when it’s about the creators behind an NFT project as the industry becomes “noisier” by the day. But do not despair! There are ton of amazing talents involved in RTFKT and that shows again and again by delivering awesome products.

RTFKT (pronounced “artifact”) has already partnered with numerous famous artists and projects since they launched earlier this year. This included Jeff Staple, Fewocious and many more.

RTFKT Founders

Pre Sale Details

Heads up: this part gets quite complex/confusing. The info provided may be partially incorrect, I provide it as a gesture to help you save time. However, as usual DYOR and triple check the info on official channels.

Presale Window

27 Nov, 12pm PT / 9pm CET / 3pm EST
29 Nov, 12pm PT / 9pm CET / 3pm EST

Presale Access

  1. Account linked to metamask (go to, click on “sign in” in the top right, and create an account linked to the wallet where you hold the relevant NFT)
  2. Hold 1 qualified RTFKT in your wallet (more on this below)

—“Hold 1 qualified RTFKT in your wallet” has 2 Options—

Option 1: NFT Holders of the below collection received an “RTFKT Mintdisc NFT”, giving them access to the presale

🔹 RTFKT SuperRare releases — 🔹 Rarible Creator NFTs —
🔹 RTFKT bonus items —
🔹 Metakey Two: RTFKTstudios Edition (Only 1 Avatar mint in presale per key) —
🔹 Doge slipper, 4 metajackets & Jake Paul ‘Uppercut’ sneaker.
🔹 Dodgers World Series Champions Ring #1/1 (1mint)
🔹 TBC: SuperRare release
🔹 TBC: “Metakey: Edition Two”. EXCEPTION: gives only 1 slot (Mintdisc 1)

Option 2: NFT Holders of the following collections just need to hold this until Presale (no need for “RTFKT Mintdisc NFT”)

🔹 Jeff Staple x RTFKT NFTs —
🔹 Fewocious x RTFKT NFTs —
🔹 Space Drip —
🔹 Space Drip 1.2 —
🔹 Punk Project gen 1 —
🔹 RTFKTstudios Easter Eggs —

Again: it’s rather complicated and the floor for these items is at 14+ ETH so you definitely want to triple check everything should you decide to pull the trigger.

Public Sale Details

When: Nov 29, 11pm CET / 2pm PT / 5pm ET.

Max. 3 mints per transaction (unlimited transactions).

Dutch auction

  • Starting price 3 ETH
  • Price goes down with 0.1 ETH every 30minutes.
  • Example: After 60 minutes the price will be 2.8 ETH

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