DEXes and AMMs Mega Spreadsheet

Adrien Be.
2 min readDec 8, 2021


That’s it, we are finally able to trade shit tons of crypto in a decentralize manner: without using centralized exchanges (such as coinbase) and directly from our wallet. Coins out, coins in, just like magic. No KYC, no funds held by a centralized entity, you can swap funds just like you always dreamed… or almost.

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What Criteria Should I Use To Pick A DEX?

Well, simply put: use similar criteria you use when picking a any other DeFi project.

This is what I usually look for:

  • Team: Anon or Public? If public, strong or not?
  • Volume: Strong Volume? If not, be careful, you may get hit by high slippage.
  • Community: Smart people in the community channels? Strong backers? Endorsement by highly regarded crypto figures?
  • Execution Style: Check out the App, their Socials, etc. Does it look like professionally executed or does it look like a bunch of amateurs at the command?

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Notes on Listing Criteria

This list of DEXes and AMMs is chain agnostic.

I only listed DEXs and AMMs with 20+ million USD volume + if data is too scarce, I do not list the project.

Closing remarks

  1. I found much less DEXs and AMMs than I expected
  2. A majority of the listed projects are NOT multichain
  3. Dominating networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Fantom, Avalanche.
  4. Some chains still do not have a go-to DEX with high volume

Future Updates

I will update the Mega Spreadsheet as much as possible. Feel free to send suggestions.


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