Find me online, let’s connect! by Adrien Berthou (Telegram), where I debate about DAOs — aka “Partially On-Chain Organization, aka Magic Internet Organizations

Connection being established…, where I first wrote about crypto. See the complete publication list of Investor Reports on blockchain projects. — Barcelona community that I co-run — The Crypto Kitchen’s TG announcement channel that I manage, where I post GPS tracks of my adventures around the world, where I help & find help when coding, where I occasionally post mixes; mostly Downtempo Techno & Techno, my personal coding Wiki, where I help others & find help regarding Digital Nomad topics., “Digital Nomads around Europe” is an online community I created around 2016. 4K+ members., “Digital Nomads Thailand” is an online community I created around 2016. 3.8K+ members.

Crypto Professional. Prev. DoinGud, aleph, ixo network, Ten8VC, member @ GenesisDAO + FestDAO + PolkaDAO