QASH ICO haircut: what happened?

Adrien Be.
1 min readNov 27, 2017

Following up on the QASH haircut during the ICO that Mike (CEO of Quoine) mentioned: if you purchased your QASH tokens within 6–8 November 2017 (early participant in the ICO), then 45% of the QASH tokens were refunded into ETH or BTC, pro rated. This refund was sent to your QRYPTOS account.

In short, what it means: 45% of your investment was sent back to your wallet in order to let other investors in.

It’s probably not something every investor likes, “but that’s just how it is!”.

Read more about this on the article:

It is also been added in the white paper available on

If you cannot find where your ETH or BTC were refunded or have any other sensitive questions, contact the Qryptos support directly. They usually get back in a matter of a few hours (mind the time difference though) and provide clear information.