Party Bears NFTs and The Fluf Ecosystem

Adrien Be.
5 min readJan 17, 2022


The Fluf ecosystem is powering through since August 2021 with NFT drops and airdrops including Fluf (Bunnies), Thingies, Scenes and Sounds, ASM (Altered State Machine) and AIFA AllStars … but it was time to add another avatar to the ecosystem, one that celebrates the epic rise of this whole new world with parties worthy of it: Party Bears were created.

These Bears May Party, But They Don’t Fuck Around

The drop happened on Friday 17th December, 9669 items were minted during the 2-Stage Drop at 0.09 ETH per item. Fast forward to January 16th, 4 weeks later, they’re trading at minimum 1.5 ETH per item.

Party Bears collection on OpenSea

Why!? Many will tell you they know. With a spirit deeply rooted in farming, I shall stay humble and say “I can give clues that might explain why” (did you get the pun?).

TLDR: insane timing (super hot NFT market) + palpable composability with the rest of the Fluf ecosystem+ collabs with famous musicians + collab with BAYC ecosystem + mega hot whitelisting opportunities + lowest entry point for avatars into Fluf ecosystem + strong team supported by strong team

Party Bears on OpenSea (source).

Palpable Composability With The Fluf Ecosystem

The Fluf ecosystem keeps growing, each month we have a new collection launched either as a drop or airdropped. Each fits with one another, meaning that the composability between each collection is palpable as tools are rapidly built to allow NFTs to be combined on-chain — i.e. modify your Fluf’s bg scene and soundtrack in the underground, or make your Party Bear autonomous with an ASM Brain — and announcements of further parts of the “Fluf system” are made (burrows, party packs, cars…).

You can think of each Fluf collection as a Lego brick of the Fluf system.

Some existing collections of the Fluf Ecosystem (source: assembled screenshots of OpenSea)

Some build the metaverse from the top, by creating a whole world and then create NFTs inside such as characters, accessories, homes, vehicles, weapons, currencies, gold, homes, etc.

Well, with the Fluf ecosystem we’re observing the opposite: a bottom-up approach with the characters, accessories, homes and so on created first. And the “containers” (worlds they evolve in) will either be created and/or chosen later. We’re yet to see such announcement, rolling drums… I am literally shaking 🥕🐰 😉

Btw, if you’re an ASM holder: with the Party Bears now released, there are 10K more characters who need brains.

Read my previous blog post on ASM (Altered State Machine)

Collabs With Famous Musicians

Party Packs will be airdropped soon (yep, for free) and the collabs around this collection are with reknown artists including Dillon Francis and Boys Noize. There is also a collab with Disclosure.

Snoop Dogg collaborating for the Burrows which will Drop in a few days (Jan 19th).

N-F-to-the-T with Snoop Dogg and Fluf’s Burrows

Oh, and did you know there is a Snoop Dogg Party Bear? 😁

N-F-to-the-T with Snoop Dogg’s Party Bear!

Strong Team Supported by Strong Team

The people behind the Party Bears collection is from ShadowMachine (lead by Dylan, TJ and Corey), a team of storytellers and creators with experience ranges from big Hollywood productions to niche Instagram fandoms. A Production Team behind BoJack Horseman, Final Space, and Robot Chicken for over 20 years experience.

Check out that first animation by the Party Bear team featuring a Fluf, a Thingie and a Party Bear… and Mark Zuckerberg! 😄

That team is supported by the whole crew (Aaron, Brooke, Alex, Jesse, David, etc) behind the previous drops of the ecosystem: Fluf, ASM, Thingies, Scenes, etc.

Note that the Party Bears team is based in LA whereas the Fluf team is based in New Zealand. Allowing an extension of the physical presence of the ecosystem team into the US market.

Lowest Entry Point For Avatars Into The Fluf Ecosystem

Assuming that everything goes as dreamed of, the Fluf ecosystem will become a constellation of deeply interoperable NFTs that are also composable with other metaverses (virtual worlds, games, etc).

Well, what you’ll first need to be part of that family is an avatar: a character to play with. Fluf are already quite pricey, so you’re left with a nice entry point with the Party Bears. Voila.

Mega Hot Whitelisting Opportunities

And yeah, NFT utility is very much tied to whitelisting opportunities nowadays. And if you’ve followed Fluf for a bit you’ll know that to enter the next drop you better hold an item of the ecosystem.

Collections are being shipped regularly, roughly every 6–8 weeks. And the plots thickens with each collection: the Fluf story is being written, created, one collection at the time. And you want in because the whole thing is becoming really obvious: Fluf ecosystem is here to stay, blossom and blow our minds.


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