Partake in Enso Finance’s Vampire Attack

Adrien Be.
3 min readDec 12, 2021


Here is a simplified guide for those who want to take part in the vampire attack done by Enso Finance on other crypto ETF projects such as Tokensets and IndexCoop.

With this launch, Enso Finance marks a new chapter in DeFi, where a new project gets to suck out liquidity from multiple similar projects, this is indeed “the first multi-platform liquidity migration”.

Wondering why crypto indexes matter? check out “The Bull Case for Decentralized Index Funds” article on bankless.

How It Works

1. Purchase one of the supported tokens
2. Stake the token in Enso Finance’s Vampire Attack

Wondering Which Tokens Are Supported?

These tokens will match those presented on the official websites of the victims.

The above links are provided for information only. Best To triple check them.

  • The simplest way to find out if they are correct is to go to step 1 (pick your victim) described below & then see the list of tokens supported in the 2nd screen of step 2.
  • You can also do a test by purchasing a very small amount of token & see if it is recognized correctly in the 2nd screen of step 2 (see below).
  • In doubt, ask the team in the official Discord server.

Once you have purchased the tokens of your choice, head to the next steps described below

Go to Enso’s Vampire Attack location


1. Pick Your Victim

2. Pick & Stake The Token

Assuming you’ve clicked on the “index” arcade (the one on the the very left). This is the next screen you’ll see.

Select the token you which to stake — this screen will show all the available/stackable tokens for the selected victim
Type the amount you want to stake & confirm the transactions

3. Claim Your NFT

It’ll be a screen similar to this. See details on NFT claim.


Finally, you’ll have to watch out for Enso’s migration announcement on its social channels (see further below).

Official Links

Vampires’ How To

Attack Explainer · Attack Guide · NFT Claim Guide · Attack Location

Enso Finance on Socials

Website · Twitter · Discord · Docs · Medium · Github


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