ASM aka Altered State Machine: Why Should You Care?

Adrien Be.
5 min readDec 1, 2021

Who doesn’t like fluffy things? I mean really, unless you got some kind of condition and you’re a human being, you fcking love friendly fluffy things. And with the winter approaching fast, it’s getting cold in the the northern hemisphere! Not that the Kiwis behind Fluf World and ASM care, it’s warm where they are.

Anyhow, let’s stop the non-sense, get VERY serious and dive into the fabulous new (fluffy) world of ASM - aka Altered State Machine.

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Why Should You Give A Sh*t?

Coz unless you live in a cave, you noticed that NFTs are becoming huge. And if you’re any close to the NFT space, that the guys behind Fluf World and their related projects are on an insane journey, relentlessly shipping crypto-related projects.

What!? Who Is That Team?

ASM Project’s Team

ASM project is built by talents alongside David McDonald (linkedin) and his brother Aaron McDonald (linkedin) co-founder of many projects including 1/, 2/ Ngāi Tahu, 3/ The Edmund Hillary Fellowship, 4/ Sylo, 5/ Fluf World, 6/ Centrapay, 7/ LeagueDAO, 8/ Barn Bridge, 9/, 10/ Moonstake, 11/ DAO Jones, 12/ D64VC.

Yeah, that’s ridiculous.

Oh La La, Tell Me Moar! I’m Getting Excited!

There is so much to say 😅 Let me start by the community: other people and organizations involved in the project.

Backers involve Enjin, Polygon Studio, Animoca Brands, Delphi Digital, Alpha Sigma Capital, and many more (35+ listed on their page).

FLUF WORLD Community…

FLUF Holders and early discord members were able to access the ASM pre-sale. Fluf World is a growing community of stylish 3D fluffy bunnies (FLUF on OpenSea, FLUF website).

10'000 FLUFs have been programmatically generated from 270 attributes across 14 categories. There is a whole ecosystem growing around them such as scenes and sounds to embed your FLUF into using the FLUF Underground Web App. The whole “fluff thing” is gently escalating, with an upcoming Metaverse (here and here) along with many other news.

FLUF is also known for continuously partnering with nice NFT projects such as the super cool Jadu project by Trippy (1.7M followers!) and Voxel Art. The latest one being the Party Bear project, minting soon

FLUFs are truly cool and keep shipping. Check out this, this, this, this. And the community ships cool FLUF stuff too, see this.

Yes, Yes, you want to know about the price, the volume, the hype: check this out re. a good start in November and the overall floor price history (mint price was 0.09 ETH).

Enough about FLUFs. I’m getting carried away! 🐰🥕

What’s The Deal With ASM? Is That Gonna Be Even More Awesome And Powerful As The FLUFs?

ASMs are dynamic NFTs, they are fully autonomous and trainable Metaverse avatars. Able to move between AR/VR spaces, earning you yield in P2E games. Distributing your content through out the metaverse.

Well, I got a simpler explanation: you can think of ASMs as meta NFTs, they are “intelligent NFTs” (an AI agent) that allow you to give intelligence to your non-autonomous NFTs. For instance, you’d train your ASM to play in a specific game, and then couple your ASM with a BAYC to play in that game.

Yes. Super powerful! 🧠

I Am Uncontrollably Shaking… Can You Tell Me More?

Altered State Machine NFTs will be a collection of 10'000 items, the cool thing for those having the ASM “pre-reveal” genesis boxes is that it contains an 1 ASM + 4 AIFA in each box (yeah, kinda bonus I suppose).

AIFA All-Stars (more) was created by the ASM team to demonstrate the use of the ASM agents.

Example of AIFA All-Stars (source)

The ASM ecosystem comes with its own token, the $ASTO coin. Its utility include governing its DAO (ElderDAO) and train agents/ASMs.

ASMs can breed! “Agents can be bred together to create offspring that inherit elements of their matrix, passing strengths down through the generations.”

ASM has a DApp, the ASTO platform, to access ML training algos to superpower your ASMs. Devs earn $ASTO by providing CPU power.

ASM has an Ecosystem Development Fund, a grant giving org, will be managed by the DAO.

ASM team takes smart Treasury Management decisions. It deposited millions in ETH as a Senior in the ETH/USD pool to hedge against the downside.

Assimilated FLUFs and ASM Genesis Brains

Fiiinally, the art looks great — I know, it’s not as important as the narrative — however you can still appreciate it here, here, here and here.


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