Farm With Your Stable Coins And Earn 20%+ APR

Adrien Be.
2 min readJun 4, 2021
Farm With Your Stable Coins And Earn 20%+ APR

Stable coins are the new cool. They have been taking a large part of the crypto market share, contributing to a healthier crypto ecosystem. And now you can even put them to work, letting you earn high returns that would be clearly impossible in traditional finance.

You can put your stable coins to work and earn 20%+ APR in many DeFi projects. Something unimaginable only 18 months ago.

Unlike busy “hard working” farmers who have very complex and stressful strategies to optimize their yields to the max, you can have a rather “boring strategy”. An almost “set and forget strategy” where you put your DAI, USDC, USDT or other stable coin to work while you’re going on with life and claim your rewards whenever feels right for you (i.e. once a month).

“It ain’t as much. But it ain’t as much work.” —an anonymous farmer 😉

Remember: this is not financial advice. As usual, do you own research and only farm with what you are ready to lose.

Stable Coin Farming List

Mind that for each opportunity, the reward varies — so it may be incorrect once you read this — again, do your own research. Polygon — USC/DAI — 20% APY Polygon — USC/USDT — 15.47% APY

☝️ Do not forget to select Polygon network in sushiswap— USDT — 30% APR (10% USDT + 20% MATIC)

☝️ Same here. Do not forget to select Polygon network in aave.

harvest.financeEthereum— USDT or USDC or DAI — 20% APR (in FARM+COMP+IDLE)

tornado.cashEthereum— DAI 50% APR — cDAI 72% APR —ann, estimates and fees — Terra Network — UST — 20% APR STABLE (in UST)— DAI-USDT — 47% APR (in SXP)— USDC-USDT — 47% APR (in SXP)

Note that all of these opportunities are on different blockchains so you might want to keep that in mind when picking where to farm. I omitted some projects for that very reason.

If you’re wondering what this is all about, I recommend you do a deep dive into crypto starting with Ethereum. Then look into stablecoins and other pillars of the DeFi movement (DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance) such as DEXs/AMMs and lending platforms.

Thanks for reading

More farming articles to come.

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